I want to talk about one very specific and slightly obscure area of manifestation manifesting a good sexual relationship.

When we talk about manifestation law of attraction, most people tend to think of physical or material goods, prosperity and abundance, perhaps something like a better home environment, house by the sea or a good relationship.

It is a mistake to think that the principles of manifestation and the Law of attraction are limited to bringing about the creation of physical change in your reality.

Although they are very effective indeed producing physical change abundance, prosperity and wealth, you can also use the same principles to manifest more intangible things better health, a better relationship, easier communication with your partner spouse, and, perhaps most interest couples in relationship, a better sexual relationship.

You see, manifestation law of attraction principles which fundamentally change the way that people think or feel and when you imagine better sexual performance or greater sexual gratification, you can quickly understand that having the right mental approach to these matters is going to take you a long way towards achieving your objective.

And that doesn't matter if your objective is lasting longer in bed if you're a man, experiencing better and more intense orgasms of your woman, or just simply enjoying more relaxed and confident sexual experiences with your partner.

When you think the whole host of sexual problems that can plague people, you'll see why mental techniques like manifestation law of attraction have become so necessary as an adjunct to conventional self-help techniques or even sexual counselling from a professional.

For men, the list difficulties includes premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and lesser-known delayed ejaculation but in addition, the underlying issues that cause these problems need attention: these include, but are not limited to, historical and emotional wounds from members of the opposite sex (often the opposite sex parent, which can leave a man unable to relate to women without underlying anger or fear), contemporary anger or fear caused by frustration and lack of communication within a relationship, or the inability to speak once truth and assert oneself in an open authentic way.

For women, the list difficulties includes orgasmic difficulties, low libido, loss of sexual desire children are born, and a host of other problems which can all be traced back to an emotional origin.

In many cases, both sexes, the problems originated are low or inadequate self-esteem, or perhaps in a low or inadequate level of sexual self-confidence. They're one of the ways in which these problems can be addressed course is to use visualisation to picture oneself in a situation which offers more hope for a positive outcome, and indeed, by using visualisation to change self-image, it's quite possible to actually change's external behaviour in the real world.

No matter what the problem you may be facing, it stands to reason that if you have something that originates in the deepest levels of the subconscious, then approaching the subconscious techniques for changing your thoughts and feelings about yourself more likely to be successful than almost anything else.

That's why the techniques which we view so successfully of so many years of manifestation can be used to improve the quality of your sexual relationships as well as the emotional connection you feel with your partner.

Now there are plenty of websites which offer information on visualisation and manifestation for example, you can find out more here:

But what I want to do before I close the short piece on improving quality of your sex life and thereby your relationship is to offer you a few instructional videos which can be tremendously helpful to anyone who is inhibited about sexual intercourse.

These videos can be watched by partners together, because they are quite tasteful certainly not pornographic, and they can usefully serve as a means of opening a dialogue about you would prefer to enjoy with your partner in bed.

In one sense, though the equivalent of the old-fashioned Japanese "pillow books" which were used by brides on the wedding night to indicate how they wanted their husbands to make love!

Having said all that, I wish you well, and I hope that this proves useful in allowing you to begin to unravel any sexual difficulties which you may be experiencing with your partner.

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