Law of Attraction

Being altruistic doesn't mean that you have to go against your natural inclination. On the contrary, to be loving and giving is the essence of our being and the more we can come into alignment with these natural positive impulses the easier our wish-practice will be and the happier we will feel.

Generally speaking we have to put something out there to get something back. And the more you do that with a positive state of mind the better.

What about telling your wife how beautiful she is and what about telling your husband how much you admire his work?

That would be a good start. In our culture most people don't lack material resources as much as they lack self-confidence.

Almost everybody craves to hear that they are doing well and that they are looking good. Be generous tell them!

You can't always expect that you will get things back from the same person you gave to on the contrary this tactic can actually lead to the opposite of what you want.

If a wife, for example, gives more and more to her husband in the silent hope that at some point he might notice and start giving something back she will often be bitterly disappointed.

If the dear husband is not willing or able to give anything back all this receiving will actually work like a mounting debt for him, which will make him more resentful rather than grateful. It would be wiser for the wife to ask him directly to do something for her and to deal with whatever he replies.

Giving out what you want to get means giving in a skilful way to people who appreciate your giving so that a positive circle is set into motion.

It is also a good idea to give in the field in which you want to receive. If you want to have more love in your life be more loving generally. If you want a promotion be more appreciative about your colleagues. If you want to have more money, give more money to charity.

But if you now complain that you would have even less money if you did then you still haven't understood the law of karma. You will get back what you give and often much more than that. This site tells you why:

It's the law of attraction at work and you can rely on it! The only trouble with this rule is that you never know when and how you will get something back. The ways of karma are so intricate and so mysterious that they can seem completely random. But they are not.

The good things in your life happen for no other reason than your own beneficial doing in the nearer or further past. Read more here !

Remember for a moment how you want to contribute to the world with your wish. It is wonderful if you can put your altruistic motivation into practice now. If you want to benefit a lot of people with your products and service, start now by supplying your friends and family with what you have to offer.

If you want to be a great musician, start to make a few people happy with your music. But please make sure that you only give to those people who appreciate you and who support your wish because otherwise you will just undermine yourself.

This is the way many high achievers started to work in their field. They focused on what they loved to do and on how to benefit others, and the appreciation, the money and the fame they finally gained grew from there as a by-product, so to speak. Of course there have also been plenty of rich and famous people who were less altruistic.

 However, one thing is sure they certainly were much less happy and fulfilled than more altruistic people.

Manifestation - Wayne Dyer


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