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Diet And Weight Loss - The Venus Factor

Okay, so what's so special about the Venus Factor?

Well the important difference between this and any other slimming system that you might have come across is the fact that this one is designed specifically to work in harmony with the physiology of the female body.

The problem is for women who want to lose weight, that losing weight rapidly is more difficult because estrogen promotes the storage of fat in the body.

This is some kind of evolutionary defence against hard times -- although of course there are people in the world today who still rely on the storage of fat in good times for survival in lean times. It's worth remembering, perhaps, that we don't all live in a world excess consumption and huge choice around the food that we have available to us.

However, getting back to the point in question: men and women have very different fat contents in their bodies. For men, the ideal fat content is said to be between 10 and 20%, while for women, optimal health and appearance is achieved with the bodily fat content, or body mass index, of 20 to 30%.

And it is, of course, these fundamental differences between men and women that explain why a very different approach is needed for the same objective: losing 10 pounds in 12 weeks, let us say, requires a very different approach to dieting and slimming for men than it does for women.

But before we go any further, there's one other important point which needs to be emphasized again and again, because the scammers and shysters on the Internet con the gullible all the time.

The truth of the matter is this, painful though it may be to hear it: there is no quick and easy way to lose weight, you need to adopt a combination of exercise, eating the right diet, and ensuring that you are motivated to a particular goal or objective.

Don't be taken in by the scams does who want to sell you miracle herbs that will encourage you to believe that you can lose 25 pounds of fat in two weeks (yes, and extraordinary claim, but I have seen it made). Look at the image below and so can you. Click on it and find out the truth!

Common sense will tell you that such claims are simply rubbish, that they can never be achieved, and that there is nothing on earth that will allow you to lose 25 pounds of fat in two weeks except possibly some serious disease. I doubt that even if you were starving yourself you'd lose that much fat in two weeks.

The Venus Factor Is Different!

Because it is based on the science of leptin, which is the hormones in the body -- the hormone that controls how fact is laid down in both men and women.

Naturally, this makes it a critical factor in controlling weight gain, and weight loss, and as far as women are concerned, it's also critical factor in maintaining a desirable and attractive appearance with a classic female body shape.

So the question is, what is leptin? Well you may never have heard of leptin because it's actually comparatively recent discovery strangely enough.

It's a hormone in the body which is the key regulator of energy intake and expenditure, it influences appetite and hunger, it affects metabolism, control some aspects of behaviour, and is absolutely essential in regulating food intake and body weight.

It's interesting question how such an important hormone in the body can only been discovered comparatively recently, but there we are -- let's leave that question unanswered and go on to see how it can play a role in helping women lose weight quickly in the diet and weight loss program known as the Venus Factor by John Barban.

Exercise is good for you!

The Venus Factor is based on real science -- that is different than the one between this and, let's say, taking some random diet program as an example, the "cabbage diet". Or, perhaps, the "pineapple diet". Or even, the "Atkins diet".

In other words, you're not actually trying to lose weight just by exercising or starving yourself -- you're using a particular approach to manipulate the level of leptin in your body, because this is the hormone that is responsible for releasing fact and removing fat from that stores in the human body.

So this is an approach that goes way beyond any conventional approach towards weight loss, and is in fact the key to losing weight quickly. Make no mistake about it, the key to losing weight fast is not about adopting excessively hard gym routines, and it's certainly not about starving yourself: it's about a combination of moderate exercise and a good eating plan that allows you to feel satisfied, not hungry, and does not cause you fatigue through overtraining.

Too much exercise is bad for you!

When you have a system that also includes ways to ensure that your leptin levels are within safe and normal limits, and that your body is processing food in a healthy way, you have a recipe that is almost guaranteed to give you dieting success.

So since the levels of leptin in your body control fat metabolism, it's obvious that if you can find a way of controlling leptin, or rather, if you use the Venus Factor to control your levels of leptin, then it's obvious that fat will be laid down or burnt off. In other words, you will lose weight.....

Incredibly, there are 4 ways in which you can increase your body sensitivity to leptin -- that means that you have 4 ways in which leptin will be more effective at burning fat within the body's system.

The first and perhaps most important way of controlling leptin is activity within your body is to increase your body's sensitivity to leptin by adjusting your diet. In effect this means never letting your leptin levels go too low, because when they do, your brain begins to look for a supply of fatty food.

Here's a very short guide to ensuring you get the pounds off your body with minimum fuss!

1 Watch The Video Below

2 Check out the video on motivation for dieting and weight loss

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